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Breast Reduction Surgery Worth It? Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Breast reduction surgery, also called a reduction mammoplasty, is an ideal procedure for women with breasts too large for their frame, experience pain, discomfort, and/or embarrassment due to the size of their breast size. Men with gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts are also ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is combined with a breast lift, for patients with sagging breast who also wish to reduce the size of the breast. Unlike a breast lift, breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue and fat in addition to removing excess skin.

Main Types of Incisions for Breast Reduction Surgery

There are two main types of incisions. A traditional breast reduction surgery involves an incision that extends around the nipple, down the middle of the breast, and under the breast creating an anchor-like scar. A vertical incision breast reduction is similar to the traditional but creates a shorter scar, as the incision does not continue under the breast. Though the anchor incision is more invasive, it allows for more contouring of the breast. Scaring is dependent on an individual’s healing characteristics and the technique used for from breast reduction surgery, but often the benefits of a breast reduction surgery outweigh the appearance of scars.

Similar to a breast lift, this procedure also shifts the nipple and areola to a higher position and may reduce the size of the areola. The skin above the nipple is brought down to reshape the breast and additional liposuction may be preformed to improve the contour under the arm.

Breast reduction surgery may be performed at any age, though it is recommended to wait until your breasts have fully developed. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, it is recommended to postpone breast reduction surgery until pregnancy or breastfeeding isn’t an issue because of the changes to one’s breast tissue during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, could affect your surgical results.

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