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Capsular Contracture & the Steps to Prevent it

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

When a breast augmentation patient develops harder breasts, the problem is the scar capsule around the implants for one reason or another, the scar tissue that forms the implant has thickened and contracted, squeezing the implant into a smaller space and causing the hard feel to develop. The human body creates a scar around any kind of foreign body, whether it is a pacemaker, a breast aug, or an artificial knee. Every person gets scar tissue around any foreign body, every woman undergoing breast augmentation will have a capsule, but fortunately, only a few will develop contracture a problematic degree. If the scar capsule is thin, soft, and pliable around a breast implant, the augmented breast will feel soft. Since all scar tissue contracts somewhat, an excessively thick, non-pliable, and tightly-contracted scar capsule around a breast implant can make an augmented breast feel hard

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