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Free BOTOX with Silicone Breast Augmentation in February!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Breast Augmentation Costs

The cost can vary from surgeon to surgeon. View Dr. Azad's Breast Augmentation Pricing. Since it is considered elective- insurance will not cover the procedure. Costs will vary depending on the facility, hospital stay, etc. Complications from the procedure may also not be covered by insurance. Financing options for Breast Augmentations. Breast augmentation is a common procedure. Many women go through the procedure and have lasting results that they are satisfied with. If you gain or lose weight, see changes with age or postpartum, you can always have additional procedures done to correct those issues. If more than one augmentation is done- there is a risk for scar tissue complicating the procedure. Talk to your surgeon before you decide to undergo an additional procedure.

Special Botox Offer with Breast Augmentation
Botox Offer

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