How To Fix Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

It is normal to wonder how pregnancy affects the shape and volume of your breasts. A women’s estrogen level increases steadily throughout the pregnancy and during the second trimester, it plays a large role in the milk duct development that enlarges the breasts. Regardless if a mother chooses to breast feed her child, her breasts will get heavier and fuller causing the ligaments that support the breasts to stretch. This stretching may contribute to sagging breasts and may worsen with each subsequent pregnancy.

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Often women have a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, to restore sagging breasts to a perkier, firmer, and more aesthetically pleasing shape. This can help the patient achieve more youthful, feminine proportions and also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably.

During a breast lift produce, excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is tightened, and the breast tissue is reshaped creating a more youthful contour. The nipple and areola are raised to a more forward position and large stretched areolae may also be reduced for a more natural look.

Depending on the needs of the patient, there are different types of incisions to achieve the best results. The least invasive is the crescent lift, which involves a crescent of skin removed at the top of the nipple to improve it’s positioning. This is ideal for patients with mild sagging who require little changes in overall breast shape and only lifting the nipple one to two centimeters. For women with low hanging breasts, the lollipop lift (vertical scar lift) or anchor lift, is the most effective. The lollipop lift involves a lollipop-shaped incision that surrounds the nipple and a vertical incision made down the crease of the breast. An anchor lift is similar to the lollipop lift, however the incision continues along the breast crease, creating an anchor shape. Though the anchor lift is more invasive, it allows for more contouring of the breast.

The breast lift procedure raises and reshapes the breasts but it does not increase the size of the breasts. For patients with sagging breast and looking to increase their size, an augmentation mastopexy (breast augmentation and breast lift combined) can be performed. This can be performed in one procedure or staged in two surgeries. By performing the procedures together, there is less recovery time for the patient, however there is an increased risk of decreased blood supply to the nipple. For example, a patient with greater sagging, thinner breast tissue, and wanting a larger implant, it is safer to stage the two surgeries in order to get a more accurate result. There are many variables that determine which course of action is best for you and it is important to discuss all options during your consultation.

At my practice, the price for a breast lift starts at $6,995, and $9,995 for a breast lift with augmentation. The price includes surgeon’s fee, breast implants (for augmentation), operating room time and supplies (IMQ certified center), and ALL visits before and after surgery. The price does not include anesthesia, lab, and garment costs, but we can work with you to get you the most affordable price point. During your personal consultation you will be given a specific fee quote. We offer several financing options that offer affordable monthly payments and competitive interest rates.

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