Plastic Surgery in the Fall

Everything has a season- and that includes plastic surgery. There’s lots of procedures that are good to get in the fall.

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Breast implants, mommy makeover procedures, or Brazilian Butt Lift are ideal in the fall because you will be more healed come summer time when you want to show off that new body. Plus, fall allows you to cover up everything while it heals with clothing because of cooler temps. You can also keep your scars and other healing out of the sun and prevent any damage during the healing process. Big procedures like the BBL or Breast augmentation require a bit more recovery time- which is perfect during the cooler months of fall. You can also do combined procedures like a breast lift and tummy tuck- allowing you to heal everything at once rather than going back in for additional surgery later on. These combined procedures can even have a cost effectiveness- since you’re just paying for both up front to do at once.

Smaller procedures like ear pinning or a simple facial or eye lift would be ideal for this time of year as well because it is a bit easier to book these appointments. Ear pinning, septoplasty, and other minor procedures are all relatively simple and require little down time or time off work to recover. You can also use this time to consider injectables like fillers or Botox. These have little to no down time and some show results instantly. You can start in the fall and be ready for a refresh just in time for the holiday season.

If you do decide to go for a larger more complex procedure- be sure to factor in the down time and healing process. Fall is a time when people aren’t requesting as many procedures, so there’s flexibility with appointment scheduling. You can take the time in the sweater weather to heal and await the holiday season with your family- where you’ll be healed and ready to celebrate without worrying about complications.

Reconstructive procedures to fix skin issues are also good to do in the fall because you won’t have as much sun exposure- allowing that important spot to heal and prevent any further damage. You can use the time for laser and any other resurfacing procedures to try and reverse some of that summer sun damage without adding on to it.

If you’re busy with work- fall is a great time to schedule a big procedure like a breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Many people schedule in the summer to coincide with the summer vacation season, but if you have more flexibility in the fall it’s good to schedule when less people are trying to book appointments.

Plastic surgery is a year round industry. If you want to recover without being worried about exposing your scars and healing process too early, fall is the ideal time to have your procedure. Look and feel your best when it matters most.

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