Plastic Surgery & the Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about giving, being with family, and being joyful. Gifts can be anything from something small to something big – and that includes plastic surgery procedures.

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Big procedures like Breast Augmentation or Mommy Makeover are common during the holiday season because they can be given as gifts. You can also do minor procedures like an eye lift or Botox as a gift for your loved one.

Cooler temps allow for easy recovery time – which makes the holiday season the ideal time to get a major procedure. You can stay inside and recuperate and be fully healed and ready to show off your results come bikini season.

Many people have holidays off for time with family or vacations. This is a great time to go ahead and book your procedure. You can take the time during the holiday break to heal and spend time with family. If you are doing it as preparation for the upcoming new year- you’ll be healed up just in time to ring in the upcoming year.

If you want to look great at your holiday party without all the down time healing from surgery, consider minimally invasive procedures like botox, facial treatments, and laser therapy. These have less recovery time and can allow you to look and feel great while being around family and friends over holiday cocktails.

If you want a holiday facelift or breast augmentation, make sure you allot recovery time. Don’t plan a procedure like that right before a big family party. You’ll want a few weeks minimum to recover from any big procedure.

If you want to look and feel better for those holiday card photos, consider liposuction. Most patients recover in 1-2 weeks and you can remove any unwanted fat before feasting on holiday meals and getting up close and personal for holiday family photos.

Many people want to make changes in the new year. This can also apply to plastic surgery. Whether it’s a minor fix like fillers or an eye lift- or major like a tummy tuck or BBL – it’s important to go into the new year looking and feeling your best. Consider getting the procedures you’ve always wanted so you can be fresh and new for the new year. If your resolution is to address wrinkles or take care of your skin- you can do this too with botox, laser treatment, or other minor skin procedures. These are a quick and easy way to feel more beautiful and confident without as much downtime as a major cosmetic surgery. Results can last months and then you’ll be due for a refresh- so you can maintain your results well into the summer months.

Plan your surgery accordingly. The holiday season can be a problem for scheduling. Make sure you get your surgery scheduled in plenty of time- or you’ll have to wait until the new year.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get that procedure or makeover you’ve always wanted – or give the gift to your special someone. Schedule a consultation today!

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