Recent Advancements In Breast Augmentation Surgery

Innovation is key to Breast Augmentation Procedures

Are you thinking of getting breast augmentation to get a larger bust line? You are not the only one. Dr. Kamran Azad from Azad Plastic Surgery in Orlando can help.

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Despite increased interest in less invasive and non-invasive therapies, breast augmentation remains among the most popular cosmetic operations year after year. Breast augmentation procedure can not only elevate your breasts but also enhance their volume, projection, and improve your overall body proportions (the balance between breasts and hips). Furthermore, an Augmentation can improve your self-image and confidence, providing you with a more youthful appearance.

Breast augmentation is still a popular procedure that shows no signs of slowing down. As the stigma associated with plastic surgery fades, surgical skills improve, and general interest in aesthetic improvement grows, the popularity of breast augmentation is unlikely to decline – but don’t confuse constancy with stagnation. Breast augmentation surgery continually improves to meet shifting trends and improve patient results. Here are the top recent advancements in breast augmentation.

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Different silicone gel forms are nothing new, providing better-looking and feeling breasts. One such breakthrough is the development of “Gummy-Bear” or Cohesive Gel Implants, which, as the name implies, have more in common with the qualities of a gummy bear rather than merely having gel-like fluids inside an implant. While this innovation has been known for a long time, gummy implants have just been licensed for use in the United States during the last five years.

Compared to other implant types, the gel utilized in this type of implant is engineered to better keep its shape, resulting in less wrinkling or rippling. The qualities of this sort of silicone gel allow for increased durability and structure, similar to how a gummy bear retains its shape after being split in half. The primary reasons doctors propose replacing breast implants every decade or so include implant leaking or rupture, which can lead to subsequent issues needing surgery. Whereas, Cohesive gel implants are noted for having a continuously low rupture rate over ten years.


Many women desire that instead of injecting a foreign item into their bodies, they could just relocate some of their unsightly fat into their breasts, making their bodies completely natural. With a fat transfer, this is now a possibility. Liposuction is used to extract fat from one area of the body (e.g., thighs, arms, love handles, or back) and shift it to the breasts. Fat transfer operations are generally simple, providing larger breasts while sculpting the physique. Fat transfer can also improve the appearance of existing breast implants by creating a more visually acceptable cleavage and side-boob.


Breast augmentation is deemed an invasive surgery since it necessitates a trip to the surgery room as well as anesthesia. Surgical procedures have evolved over the years, making this type of major surgery less intrusive than past versions and, in some circumstances, enabling patients to recuperate in as little as 24 hours. Fast recovery breast augmentation often entails carefully putting the implant underneath or above the muscle using an innovative product known as Keller funnel, resulting in reduced bruising or bleeding and nearly no discomfort or inflammation in the body.

The Keller Funnel resembles the piping bag used by a confectioner to decorate a cake. The Keller Funnel, when used to put a breast implant, can lessen damage to both the implant and the patient’s body. It also lowers the danger of contamination during operation and helps the doctor put the implant with more precision. Dr. Azad specializes in small incisions of 3 cm or less, and these shorter incision depths and faster healing periods are also attributed to the Keller Funnel. These surgical treatments may be completed in as little as 50 minutes instead of the 2-hour average for more traditional kinds of breast augmentation surgery.


One of the most typical drawbacks of undergoing breast augmentation is the soreness that arises after the treatment. Many patients are forced to rely on prescription pain relievers to get through the recovery period, leading to abuse or even addiction. While there are short recovery treatments for breast augmentation surgery that assist in reducing pain, there is always space for improvement.

As a result, non-narcotic numbing medicines, such as Exparel, that are precisely injected into the surgical site have been developed and used. These new drugs feature a honeycomb structure that allows them to disintegrate slowly over several days. Timed-release numbing agents enable a consistent reduction in pain and a reduction in the demand for powerful pain relievers during the healing process. Exparel is an option for all Azad Plastic Surgery patients.

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Breast augmentation surgery today is the safest and most adaptable it has ever been. As equipment and procedures advance, patients and surgeons have a growing variety of alternatives to select from, including the kind of breast implant, the form of the implant, the positioning of the implant, and the site of the incisions during surgery.

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