What To Know About Breast Lifts

Making the decision to have plastic surgery is a big one, and one that should be well thought through. Maybe you’ve struggled with larger breasts all your life, or you’ve had children and are unhappy with how it’s changed your body, maybe you’ve recently lost a lot weight.

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Regardless of the reasons why, many women get to a point in their lives where they consider having a breast lift, and it’s important to first gather all the facts before jumping right in.

Because we feel that it’s always better to be well informed about any procedures you are considering, we’ve put together this list of things to expect surrounding breast lift plastic surgery:

  1. A breast lift elevates the whole breast so that it is in a more youthful position. This means the no more sag or downward facing nipples. We get them back to where they started before having our children, getting older, or losing weight. Dr. Albright, plastic surgeon in San Antonio, TX, recommends consultations with board certified plastic surgeons to determine the best type of breast lift to meet your goals.
  2. For the first few weeks after the procedure you will notice that your breasts seem larger. This is due to swelling. Always talk with your plastic surgeon, they will let you know exactly what to except after surgery.
  3. A breast lift is really well-tolerated in most patients. Usually over the counter pain medication for the first couple days is all that is needed. But if you choose to do both a lift mix and a breast augmentation, you will feel much more sore.
  4. You should be up and walking the night after surgery. However we don’t recommend any heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, yoga, marathon training, etc., for the first 4 weeks after the operation. Normal activities like walking, cooking, and shopping are fine.
  5. You might experience shooting pains. These are from the tiny nerves that were cut during operation that have started to “wake up” and regenerate. As the swelling goes down, they can fire randomly causing an achy, shooting pain. This is normal.
  6. Most of our patients are lying in bed within 24 hours. If you want to sleep elevated, that is fine. But we find that most women sleep on their backs in the beginning. If you are a side sleeper, then we recommend a body pillow which can provide some aid.

Most women considering a breast lift, after they’ve done the research and feel ready, are eager to undergo breast lift surgery, with or without an implant. Our patients end up really satisfied with their results, and are happy to have their breasts back in their natural position. As always, the best guide to any surgery is the one that is outlined by your plastic surgeon.

We will provide you advice that’s specifically tailored to you. Every individual differs, and well-trained plastic surgeons understand this. We will walk you through every aspect of your plastic surgery process and through the recovery. Schedule your consult today!

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