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Orlando Plastic Surgery Renuvian J-Plasma

Why Renuvion J-Plasma?

Whether you’re gearing up for a milestone birthday, a long-overdue beach vacation, or a special event, you want your outer self to match your inner confidence. Renuvion is used to gently contract tissue beneath the skin in precisely targeted areas. Renuvion can be used in a standalone procedure or in addition to another procedure like liposuction.

Orlando Plastic Surgery - Potential Renuvion Female Patient
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How It Works

Using a unique combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy, Renuvion quickly heats to the ideal temperature for tissue contraction, allowing you to achieve the best possible results in a short time. This minimally invasive procedure can be performed with a local anesthetic or while you’re asleep, depending on what you and your doctor feel are best.

During the procedure, the Renuvion energy is applied underneath the skin, heating the collagen and other structures to the temperatures needed for optimal tissue contraction. This heating is done quickly, and the tissue is cooled back to baseline in less than 1 second.

Renuvion available at Azad Plastic Surgery Orlando - Advantages

Less Invasive -The use of Renuvion does not require skin excision and therefore is considered a minimally invasive procedure. The device is inserted under the skin through small entry points, which reduces post-operative discomfort and scarring.

Less Downtime -The procedure is minimally invasive with no surgical tissue removal. With small entry points and minimal tissue disruption, patients experience less pain, discomfort, and downtime with Renuvion compared to more invasive procedures such as an abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, or other procedures where large skin excisions are made. Additionally, studies have shown reduced pain and downtime after using Renuvion versus an alternative minimally invasive RF technology.

Lasting Results -We know the aging process can’t be stopped. Still, through energy devices, like Renuvion, we know it is possible to contract soft tissues and start the collagen rebuilding process known as neocollagensis. This process takes 6-9 months which is why effects will improve over time. Renuvion is one of the latest game-changing technologies, with early data showing results lasting up to 2.5 years.

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